Dr. Colin Knight

Pediatric Surgeon

About Dr. Colin Knight

Holder of the American Medical Association’s Physician Recognition Award, Pediatric Surgeon and professor Dr. Colin Knight has had an impressive career in all areas of human health. With a BS in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University and an MD from the University of Virginia, Dr. Knight has considerable expertise in not only his field, but also those that contribute to pediatric health. He has lectured on “Trauma in Pregnancy” at Allegheny General Hospital, “Sleep and Fatigue” at Miami Children’s Hospital, and “Computer-Enhanced, Robot Microsurgery in an Animal Model” at the American College of Surgeons. Devoted to understanding the complexities of the human body, Dr. Knight is a life-long learner.

Just after graduating from the University of Virginia and finishing a surgical internship, Dr. Knight fulfilled his commitment to the United States Air Force by serving in high-risk situations as a flight surgeon for 4 years. He was recognized with the Air Force Achievement Medal and the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award. Once he returned, he set to work for his General Surgery and Pediatric Surgery certifications, obtained in 2006 and 2008 respectively. In order to leverage his skills to have a broader impact in the community, Dr. Knight began work as the founding Chairman for Chefs Up Front. Chefs Up Front is the major annual fundraiser for FLIPANY, an organization that is dedicated to eradicating the child obesity crisis the nation faces. While educating himself on systemic health problems and gaining further leadership experience, Dr. Knight also obtained certification as a CrossFit Trainer.

Dr. Knight trained in Pediatric Surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. In 2007, he began work as a Pediatric Surgeon at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Miami, Florida. He is a founding clinical faculty member at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University, also in Miami, and actively trains medical students, residents, and fellows as well as engaging in Continuing Medical Education as a Grand Rounds Speaker, Advanced Trauma Life Support trainer, and speaker at conferences. Dr. Knight recently accepted the position of Pediatric Surgeon at Kendall Regional Medical Center, with the task of building the pediatric surgery practice.

A published author with over thirty credits in notable journals such as the Journal of Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Endosurgery and Innovative Techniques, and with significant speaking experience, Dr. Knight is qualified not only to perform complex and high-risk surgery, lead a community organization tackling systemic crises, but he is also experienced enough to research, lecture on his findings, and teach students the critical skills necessary for medical work.

In addition to his busy professional life, Dr. Knight is a passionate traveler and cook and an award-winning photographer and home brewer.

The son of a university professor, Dr. Colin Knight had the unusual opportunity to live overseas in Africa as a child. Additionally, he served in multiple deployments with the Air Force and volunteered in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake that ravaged the country. These experiences have helped to cultivate his love a travel and experiencing new cultures.

Dr. Knight starting cooking at home as a child. He cooked his first multi-course, wine paired dinner for his friends as a medical student. With steady practice and study of the world’s cuisines, he has sold his cooking skills for many years to silent auctions in support of charities in the Miami area. He continues to explore cooking for family, friends, and silent auction winners.

While spending a year in the lab as a surgery resident, Dr. Knight also studied photography. His work has been exhibited and has won awards. He continues to explore photography and has enjoyed the transition from film to digital.

Dr. Colin Knight was first introduced to home-brewing in 2000 by a fellow airman while he was serving on active duty. He found it a relaxing hobby as a surgery resident and continues to brew to this day. With almost 2 decades of experience in the field, he has entered, and won, homebrewing competitions.

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