I studied photography for a year in Detroit. It was a fun year and I learned alot. However, photography enthusiasts are never finished with learning. Regardless of their present skill levels, they can always find something to learn from other photographers. This is true for pros and beginners alike; the best photographers never cease their learning and mastery of their skills. One way I’ve enhanced my skills since then it to take photography workshops.

It Renews Photography Passion

Every photographer can face the dreaded experience of burnout. One can still enjoy taking photos but have the sensation of loss of interest when travel is not an option, and there is nothing new or unique to shoot. Courses can reignite a photographer’s passion for photography. Each location of the workshop’s trek can be exciting, with useful information granted by the workshop’s mentor.

Constructive Critique

Popular mentor series workshops will offer daily time to sit down with a mentor to discuss the photographer’s photos. Regardless of the photographer’s skill level, the mentor will be able to provide valuable critique and guidance for the presented work. This critique is nothing to worry about; it is simply given for the learning experience and to improve skills going forward.

Take Photographs in the World’s Best Locations

The best workshops take place in locations with amazing spots to shoot. Some places will have stunning natural landmarks like waterfalls or wondrous landscapes like ancient forests. Others will have man-made landmarks ranging from the modern and clean-cut to the crumbling and character-filled. In just a few days a photographer can walk away with dozens of great, memorable photos.

Work with Like-Minded Artists

It can be frustrating to be the lone photographer on a trip taken with friends or as part of a tour group that cares little about photography. Such companions might not understand how valuable it is to shoot particular locations at certain times; they might even rush away from stunning spots with little time to spare for taking photos. A workshop groups photographers together to enjoy shop talk, the improvement of skills, and taking great photos.

Best Gear

Mentor series permit photographers to borrow amazing quality gear. This involves more lenses than the average photographer could utilize in just a few days, but the options are available and trying out new camera equipment is always fun and informative. This is ideal for trying high-end gear before purchasing.