As a Pediatric surgeon, it is of utmost importance that I take time to relax and rest on my off days to ensure that I am focused and ready for those important calls. Resting itself is a simple concept, but in today’s fast-paced world, unplugging and recharging is more difficult than ever before. Use my surgeon-approved tips to make your day off more refreshing.

First things first.

Before you get started relaxing, quickly handle any errands that need taken care of. While this can seem counter-productive, getting things out of the way early, can help your mind not get distracted with worries while relaxing. However, this doesn’t mean spend your whole day off running errands; prioritize your errands, get the ones that are most stressful or pertinent done, and then kick off your “worry” shoes. But remember, handling important errands doesn’t include checking your email or doing anything that involves work in any way– that would be counterproductive.

Understand You

Another important aspect of relaxing and refreshing is understanding the best way to do that for yourself. Some people need quiet and time alone to recharge, while others long for social interaction. Learn what works best for you and stick to it; don’t allow the idea of what recharging is to stop you from relaxing in the way that works best for your body. 


Whatever it is that makes you feel good, whether that be taking a walk in the park, reading a book, learning something new or cooking your favorite meal, prioritize it and take the time to enjoy it. Focus on things that “feed the soul” to make your day off worthwhile. 


After getting home from work, most people fall into their typical routines. Maybe you like to prop your feet up, open a bottle of wine, or binge Netflix. No judgement here. However, on your days off, avoid jumping into this routine. While it may seem like it would be a great way to unwind, it actually hinders you from having a full, refreshing day to recharge. 


You don’t have to spend half an hour meditating or doing yoga, rather spend time focusing on your mind. Focus on the awareness of how tired you have been, what has been stressing you out, or why you’ve been feeling so burnt out recently. Take the time to notice your mind and you body, and you’ll be surprised how energized and focused you feel afterwards.