What makes an artisan pizza so flavorful and unique? At first glance, an artisan pizza looks very different from pizzas we may be accustomed to. The flatbread is lightly scorched, the toppings are sparse, and the aroma is delicate. Instead of using shredded cheese, we see large slices of melted mozzarella cheese. There may be more basil than pepperoni and less sauce than you are used to, but then when you taste it, the flavor is refined, sophisticated and unbelievably tasty. So much flavor is jam packed into this dish. How do you get such a simple looking pizza to be so delicious?

Artisan pizza is crafted by someone who possesses a more in-depth knowledge of the food. By utilizing traditional methods and making it by hand, we create artisan pizza. If you are new to making artisan pizza, be prepared to take a little time to practice before you get the hang of it. If it’s your first time making pizza dough from scratch, you may find it is easier than you anticipated. Making foods at home can seem daunting, but with a little practice, you will fall in love with the exquisite fresh flavors you can achieve. There is something so rewarding about making the dish yourself. A particular delight comes from creating something to eat that is satisfying and flavorful.

There are several elements to achieving quality results. First, if you want the pizza crust to be great, you should try out pizza dough flour. If you can, make the sauce from fresh tomatoes. This will give the pizza a whole new dynamic of flavor. And choose fresh herbs over dried ones, which will create that tantalizing aroma. Some tools in which you may want to invest are a pizza peel, for transferring the pizza to the oven, a pizza stone to help make the crust crispier and a pizza tray for cooling afterward.

There are so many recipes to try for artisan pizza; you can go classic with a margarita pizza, a Mexican taco flavored pizza, a healthy garden vegetable toppings, or create your own entirely new pizza recipe. A basic artisan pizza will have homemade sauce, basil and mozzarella slice. You can add pepperoni, garlic, onions, bacon, or mushrooms. Get creative and try new toppings and flavors!