Miami’s diverse communities and cultural fabric are made of iconic dishes, family heirloom recipes, and signature combinations. It will take quite a few trips before you can get a strong sense of Miami flavors, but that’s half of the fun. Try these eight iconic dishes from top food destinations in Miami to get started crafting your Miami palate.

Sweet Stone Crabs at Joe’s Stone Crab – Varying in length, Florida Stone Crab claws are served cracked and chilled on ice at Joe’s Stone Crab. This iconic restaurant fills up fast. Reserve a table and try this local’s favorite with chilled mustard sauce for the ultimate crab experience.

Arepas at La Latina – Largely considered the best arepas restaurant in Miami, La Latina serves this versatile dish to perfection. While it can be eaten on its own or stuffed with a variety of combos, the Miami way to eat arepas is stuffed with pulled pork, melted cheese, and avocado.

Ceviche at Cvi.che 105 – It is often joked that the people of Miami love the dish so much that they expect to see ceviche on every menu they look at. This seafood dish is versatile with many different styles and selections. Head to Cvi.che 105 for the best ceviche in town.

Chicharrón at El Palacio De Los Jugos – This food is considered a South American cuisine staple. The Latin American- and the Caribbean- influenced food is simply fried pork skins. Head down to El Palacio De Los Jugos to try this salty snack stuffed in tacos or alone.

Pan Cubano at Versailles Restaurant – You can’t discuss Miami food without mentioning a Cuban sandwich (Pan Cubano). This authentic Miami dish is a compiled of ham, roast pork, Cuban bread, yellow mustard, swiss cheese and a side of dill pickles. The flavors of the sandwich are just as interesting as the story behind the origination of it.

Key Lime Pie at Icebox Cafe – This sweet, tart, crunchy and creamy dessert is a Miami classic. It can be found on menus everywhere, but that doesn’t guarantee the perfect slice. Check out Icebox Cafe for a Key Lime pie infused with coastal lime juice and whipped cream.

Fried Snapper at Chef Creole  – Fans of this dish have the Haitian community of Miami to thank. This fried fish is so tasty, it has brought the likes of Anthony Bourdain, Pitbull, Jay-Z, and Dwyane Wade to visit. Head to the award-winning local spot Chef Creole to eat some of the best fish you’ll ever try. (P.S. top with pikliz– you won’t regret it).

Ice Cream at Azucar Ice Cream Company – The recipe for good ice cream is no secret in 2018. The abundance of flavors and soft serve can make us take the dessert for granted. Eat ice cream Miami style and go to Azucar Ice Cream Company in Little Havana for Magic City combos including guava, coconut, sweet plantains, cookies, and more.