Many people prefer taking vacations during the winter months. Some want to hit the slopes in parts of the country that receive the first snow of the season. Others desire to escape the harsh cold, ice and snow. Whatever reason one might have for waiting to take time off, there are many highly recommended destinations to visit once the weather changes.

St. Lucia

The tropical island country is part of the lesser Antilles archipelago between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The scenic landscape includes mountains, ancient volcanoes and rainforests. The temperature remains in the 80s year-round, so, relax on the beach. Go deep-sea fishing. Snorkel or scuba dive along the beaches or rivers to see many species of marine life. Embark on ATV tours in the rainforest and venture to a cascading waterfall. When the sun sets, venture to Rodney Bay Village and feast on BBQ, Indian or Mexican cuisine.

Jasper National Park

The park is located in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta and remains a hotspot for winter sports enthusiasts; there’s something for all skiers, such as the slopes or the backcountry. Snowshoeing tours are available. More physical challenges include ice climbing adventures. Guests also have the chance to embark on dog sledding journeys. Go along for the ride or quickly learn to drive a team of sled dogs.


The island lies off the southwestern coast of Thailand. Attractions here include the powdery, white sandy beaches flanked by swaying palm trees along clear sea waters. Charming villages and towns eagerly accommodate visitors. Venture to Phuket Monkey Hill and watch the small primate families scampering about. Phang Nga Bay boasts and otherworldly but beautiful landscape with unusual rock formations jutting up from the sea. Explore the villages and caves by canoe or take a guided tour.


The city was established in the Guadalquivir River valley in the southern region of Spain. The majestic and expansive Seville Cathedral remains one of the most popular local attractions. The house of worship is deemed one of the largest on the planet and has spectacular architectural features. Scale the stairs to the top of the Giralda bell tower for commanding views over the city. Tour the Alcázar palace, which is the home to the area’s royal family.