Since the world is home to around 200 countries and sovereign states, finding your next travel destination can be challenging. You could throw a dart at the world map, but here are some other interesting ways to find out where to go on your next adventure.

Ask Around
Finding a travel destination is as easy as asking your acquaintances, but you don’t have to limit this search to close friends. Consider inquiring about vacation sites on social media sites. If you see breathtaking photographs of beautiful locations online, simply ask the original posters about the images.

Choose an Event
Whether you like music, sports, food or all of them, use these interests to inspire your next travel destination. Planning trips around music festivals, concerts, ball games or food bashes is easy because you won’t have to find something to do once you get there. This also gives you a chance to culturally expand your horizon.

Look at Flight Deals
If you enjoy taking budget-savvy trips, you’ll love picking a destination based on the price of flight. This method works well if you can leave on short notice. Simply surf travel sites and keep an eye out for deals. You might find places you’ve never heard of. If you find an exotic location, make sure you leave enough time to obtain a proper travel visa.

Follow the Weather
If you find yourself in an endless winter and want to escape to a land with sunshine, simply look at warm places. The same goes for escaping hot summers but look at places with cooler weather. Since you don’t have to leave the country to find different climates, you can do this on short notice.

Make Lists
If you enjoy making lists and like to plan beforehand, you could make a prioritized list. For example, place locales that are in danger of changing drastically on top of the list. The same goes for adventurous destinations that might not be suitable once you’re older.

Create Experiences
Some people place the focus on seeing certain attractions instead of making locales a priority. For example, if you want to see the tallest cacti, the oldest trees, the highest mountains or the oldest ruins, these criteria can narrow down travel destinations. These are just examples, but you can create your whole trip around discovering certain global wonders.