When it comes to taking a vacation, it can be exciting to have an escape and spend time in a beautiful location. Although you may enjoy lounging around, it can be difficult to disconnect while you’re away. If you want to have a break and get your mind off of work or your responsibilities, there are a few ways to really disconnect.

Only Check Your Email Once Each Day
Although it can be easy to respond to emails throughout the day, it can make it challenging to keep your mind off of the workplace. Set a rule by only allowing yourself to check your email once each day and after work hours to ensure that you aren’t messaging your co-workers or managers back and forth. One waChecking your email once each day will prevent the emails from piling up and can still allow you to address any concerns or issues.

Pack a Camera
It can often be difficult to disconnect from technology if you’re using your phone to take pictures of the destination and the activities you’re enjoying. Instead of always feeling the temptation to upload the images onto social media or make phone calls, pack a separate camera to ensure that you can photograph your adventures without a phone. Check out my article on travel cameras here.

Create an Out of Office Message
It can be difficult to unplug and disconnect from work if your employees or colleagues don’t know that you’re on vacation. Create an out of office message to ensure that they don’t try to contact you while you’re away. You can also send an email out to key individuals that you communicate with consistently in advance to ensure that they respect your time out of the office.

Delete Your Social Media Apps
Spending time on Facebook or Instagram on your phone or tablet while you’re on a tropical beach can take away from the quality of your trip and prevent you from being present. If you want to avoid the temptation of accessing your social media accounts, consider temporarily deleting the apps or logging out before you depart on your trip to make it more difficult to go online. You can allow yourself to post the pictures of your trip once you return home to ensure that you get the most out of the vacation