After more than a year of living through the pandemic, your big day is coming soon. Getting a COVID-19 vaccination is a big step towards returning to a more normal life, and you might have had to wait for many weeks to get this appointment. Now, you can take these steps to make sure that you are fully prepared for your vaccination.


Find Out Which Vaccine You are Getting


Most people’s current recommendation is to consider any vaccine that you can get as being the best. However, knowing if you are getting a vaccine that requires two shots may help you plan your future appointment better. Certain people with allergies may also need to take a specific vaccine to minimize reactions


Consider Putting Off Certain Health Procedures


For the most part, you’ll want to avoid getting your COVID-19 vaccine within two weeks of other vaccinations. Vaccine reactions may also include enlarged lymph nodes in the armpits, meaning your doctor might recommend putting off your mammogram appointment for four to six weeks after your vaccination.


Wear Vaccine-Friendly Clothing


If it is still chilly outside or you have a tendency to get cold in air conditioning, you might be tempted to show up in long sleeves. Unfortunately, this can make it hard to expose your arm for the shot. Pick out a top with short sleeves and layer on a light jacket to ward off any chills.


Allow for Enough Time in Your Schedule


The staff at vaccination clinics try to make your appointment as fast as possible. However, there is still a general waiting period of about 15 minutes or so after your vaccination to make sure you don’t have any significant allergic reactions. If you’ve had allergies in the past, you may need to wait even longer. 


Pack the Appropriate Documents


There shouldn’t be a charge for the vaccination, but some providers are billing insurance companies for an administration fee. If you have insurance, bring your card or policy number with you. Certain places might also ask to see some form of identification, and you might need proof that you are eligible as an essential worker, such as a work badge.


Preparing for your vaccination helps ease any concerns you may have, and you’ll feel confident as you walk into the clinic on your big day. Once you receive your vaccine, remember to take it easy immediately after. Sleep well before your appointment, and make sure you are hydrated. You’ll soon be sporting your new vaccination card and on your way towards preventing the spread of COVID in your community.