Once the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic ends, many people will want to get away for a while. Whether planning on staying in the country or traveling abroad, various destinations come highly recommended by experienced travelers. Referencing the places that were popular last year can help inform your future travel decisions.


Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre art museum, and the Notre Dame Cathedral are some of the most popular locations in the metropolis. However, there are many little known destinations that are equally beautiful or fascinating. The massive La Conciergerie was constructed to be a royal palace, however, local kings chose to leave the residence during the 14th century. The building became a prison during the French Revolution. Tour the facility and gaze in awe at the 1,113 stained glass windows. See the Tour de l’Horloge and the structure’s exquisite 14th-century clock, as well.


London, England

Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and London Tower remain at the top of must-see lists among visitors who venture across the pond. Travelers should also consider exploring less frequented locations to experience the real charm of the city. Art lovers might consider making stops in Brick Lane, Brixton, Camden, or Shoreditch to take in the street art created by local talents. Street art tours are available. Thrill-seekers might consider gliding down the 583-foot-long ArcelorMittal Orbit slide. You can also attend one of the unique shows at The Aeronaut.


New York City, New York

The amazing animated graphic displays of Times Squares and the street performers in Central Park remain some of the beloved locations that attract guests, even now that the area has become quiet. Art and architecture enthusiasts might consider visiting the medieval Cloisters. Immaculate gardens, a charming courtyard and a collection of medieval art enchant visitors. Take a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tramway and travel over the Hudson River to see the Queensborough Bridge and Manhattan. For a unique nightlife experience, venture to the House of Yes. Take in the eclectic surroundings while enjoying libations and live performances.


Barcelona, Spain

Amazing cuisine, thrilling bullfights ,and an abundance of art continue appealing to the city’s guests. The metropolis is also known for the unusual architecture created by Antoni Gaudi. The Casa Vicens is one of his lesser-known creations that was constructed toward the end of the 19th century. The colorful structure was the summer home of the Vicens family. Today, the home is a museum. The 18th century Horta Labyrinth is another wonderful location to get away for a bit of quiet time.