While raising children that are emotionally content and happy depends on the effort you make as a parent, recent research has found that quality is more important than quantity. Even though you may make an effort to spend more free time with your kids, the amount of time may not impact your kids’ emotional health. Instead, the interest you show in your children is what will encourage happiness and contentment.

Children Notice Distractions

Spending an hour with your kids each night before sending them off to bed won’t help your family bond if you’re distracted throughout that time. Children notice that you’re not psychologically present when you’re spending time with them, and, as a result, they tend to distance themselves. They want to spend time with you, but knowing you’re not paying attention to them will teach them to grow emotionally detached as a way of protecting themselves from disappointment.

Less is More

If you feel too busy with work to devote an hour or more to your kids each night, cut that time down to 30 minutes. However, in doing so, you must commit to saving all of that time for your kids. Time is less important than how you relate to your children, so shut your phone off for those 30 minutes and invest your time in making your kids happy. When you’re more interested in your kids for those 30 minutes, they will notice, and they will be more comfortable with you.

Schedule Appointments With Your Kid

If you want to spend more quality time with your kids, you can meet this goal using your appointment calendar. You can schedule blocks of time with your children just as you reserve time for a business meeting. This will help you make more time for your kids despite your busy routine. Just remember to turn your phone off during that time so that you can be mentally present with your kids

While spending more time with your kids will help you bond, you’ll have to be aware of your kids during those moments. If you’re texting a friend or taking business calls, your kids will notice, and that will affect their emotional development. By taking a greater interest in their activities and responsibilities, you’ll help your children grow into happier and more communicative adults.