At-home workouts are now easier than ever with the numerous options and tools available, and the technology to facilitate it. There are many reasons for choosing to exercise at home, including the cost, the convenience home fitness programs offer, and, especially, the pandemic that has kept us all in our houses. 

There is an increased desire to invest in multiple exercise equipment, including the trending rowing machines. Indoor rowing is now one of the most reliable and popular home-fitness workout options in 2021, especially when learning of the advantages of low-impact exercises. The following are some of the best available rowing machines on the market today.

Echelon Smart Rower

The Echelon Smart Rower is a compact machine that can be folded, minimizing storage space, and has a magnetic resistance that provides a smooth, quieter motion. The on-handle buttons make sure the person can manage the 32 resistance levels, while the Echelon Fitness application transmits on-demand, live classes.

The rower offers classes and connected rowing through a membership format. Some of the training metrics it offers include calories burned, speed, heart rate, and stroke rate. Monthly membership for Echelon Fit begins at 24.99 pounds, while the machine costs about 1199 pounds.

Technogym Skillrow

Besides its compactness and appealing looks, Technogym Skillrow is innovative and practical. The multidrive technology with air resistance and added load simulates water rowing while preventing back strain. This technology allows this machine to offer cardio and power resistance options.

It has a built-in console that shows data in real-time, and the Skillrow app can be attached to various devices to receive performance feedback and monitor training. Technogym Skillrow can be bought for about 3490 pounds.

Concept2 RowErg

It is a reliable, classic rowing machine that was first produced in 1976 and popularly used by many gyms. Some of its contemporary features include Bluetooth connectivity, data displays, and the ErgData app. The adjustable air resistance presents the choice to work out more effectively and meet the rowing goals with ease using valuable tech. It can be split into two for storage, making sure it takes up minimum room. The buying price is approximately 860 pounds.

Exercising at home has its advantages and disadvantages, including plenty of distractions. The best way to get the best from the workouts is to have quality equipment and chose a time with fewer distractions.