Though most people wish they could maintain their physical prime well into their older years, the likelihood of being athletically dominant at age fifty is pretty slim. The human body isn’t made to maintain high physical performance for years, making exercising very difficult as one increases in age. 

Though some athletes, like LeBron James of the NBA and Tom Brady of the NFL, seem to have longer careers than their predecessors, staying dominant well past their prime is more an anomaly than the norm. Though most people aren’t professional athletes, there is bountiful evidence to show that anybody can remain active once they get older. 

Maintaining this activity can provide myriads of benefits, both physical and mental. This also does not require anyone to train for a marathon or run miles on end every day. All it entails is frequently increasing the body’s heart rate.

Staying active after turning fifty may seem like a daunting task. The body may not move the same way or recover at the same rate, but many benefits are present for those who maintain activity. 

One easy way to keep physical activity and a comfortable place to start is to try walking. This isn’t an overly strenuous activity, but it does get the body moving. This is an easy way to get outside and experience some fresh air. It can be calming and relaxing, giving someone a great opportunity to decompress both physically and mentally. This also doesn’t occupy too much time in one’s schedule and can be done anywhere at any time. No fancy equipment is needed. This also works to keep the body in shape while releasing endorphins released through exercise, leading to improved mental and physical health.

Staying active does not just have to be physical, either. Being an active member of one’s community can be just as rewarding as being physically active. This allows a person to continue to socialize and serve a greater purpose. Perhaps it’s a community group or just going out with friends occasionally. Whatever it is, it helps to get you out and do something different. This can be very rewarding, as it can help someone maintain a social life and distract them from the stresses of their daily life.