Many children will be playing outside this summer, so it is critical to keep youngsters safe when they’re enjoying their lives. The following are some helpful tips for parents to help keep their children safe during the summer months.

Sunglasses Should be Worn

When kids are outdoors, parents should remember to keep their child’s eyes safe. The most effective children’s sunglasses are those that filter out at least 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Parents shouldn’t spend money on expensive sunglasses. Instead, cheap ones are just as effective at blocking harmful UV rays, according to research.

Wear Protective Clothing

Summer clothing for kids should be tightly woven or have built-in SPF. Wide-brimmed hats are also useful for shielding youngsters from harmful UV rays. Parents should try to avoid letting their children spend long periods of time outdoors between 10 am and 5 pm if at all possible, due to the sun being at its strongest during that period.

Avoid Dehydration

To avoid dehydration, it’s crucial to remember that kids need to also drink plenty of water. Therefore, parents should make sure their children drink lots of water, whether they are participating in sports, visiting an amusement park, or going to the beach.

Water should be consumed before and after exercise, as well as during breaks. Parents should make sure their kids drink water every 15 to 20 minutes. It’s also a smart thing for parents to sprinkle their children with water on very hot and humid days.

Wear a Helmet

Parents should make sure their kids wear a helmet, whenever they are riding their bikes, skateboarding, or roller skating. Parents should also wear their helmets as well, to emphasize the importance of protecting themselves. Safe Kids USA reported that a helmet is the most essential gear available to minimize injury to the head as well as to prevent death.

Avoid Enclosed Spaces

Children should be warned about the dangers of hiding in confined areas by their parents. They should be taught not to play hide & seek in places like coolers, chests, or even car trunks. Children should also be encouraged to tell their peers likewise.

Create a Safe Backyard Playground at Home

Parents should make sure the ground is significantly soft, to ensure their kids are not negatively impacted by a fall. Surfaces, such as concrete, dirt, etc., should be avoided, due to the hardness of the material. Instead, wood chips should be used at a depth of roughly 9 inches, according to the CPSC.