I travel as much as I can. Ironically, I live in Miami, a place that many, many people travel to. But even so, for a variety of reasons, I find that travel of all sorts is important to me.

Traveling doesn’t have to mean an extravagant vacation to some far off distant land. Traveling can mean driving to a spot that I’ve never been to that isn’t far from home. No matter how far I travel, getting out there and experiencing new things is what is important. Traveling is almost always a fun and educational experience.

Experiencing something new allows me to learn more about other cultures. When I travel, I have the opportunity to connect with others I wouldn’t typically cross paths with in my everyday life. These new people I meet bring along their unique life experiences. If I’m able to take away one life lesson for each person I meet, I’ve gained much.

I don’t believe that there is an afterlife, but if there is, my material goods won’t go with me; only my memories will. I travel both alone and with family or friends. Inevitably, going to a new locale will lead us to share new experiences, new foods, or new activities. With these shared experiences we grow closer and make memories together.

One of the most common side effects of traveling is feeling good! Whether navigating through unfamiliar transportation methods, tasting something strange, or striking up a conversation with a stranger using a phrase of a foreign language, I find these experiences invigorating and confidence boosting.

Expand Your Comfort Zone
Like most people, I enjoy the comfort of home. However, the learning experiences, the memories, and the personal growth of travel all come from expanding my comfort zone. It can be scary and even intimidating at times, but I find that the fun and life lessons I receive pushing my boundaries are worth it.

Slows Down Our Fast-Paced Life
Whether I’m taking a thirty-minute detour to a local spot, or traveling halfway around the world to somewhere alien, breaking out of my “get-kids-ready-for-school, go-to-work, make-dinner, do-homework” cycle is a wonderful break.