If you are an avid traveler, then you will have visited the major cities in tourist countries, such as England, France, Spain, and Germany. Not to mention those in the United States, such as Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. However, if you are craving a new adventure, I suggest visiting unique places around the globe. Forbes suggests a number of places to visit in 2019 that you may have never considered.

  1. Anguilla, Caribbean – I know this location isn’t off the beaten path, but it’s worth being on the list because of its UNESCO World Heritage towns, growing wine culture and Southern European cuisine. And the beaches aren’t too bad!
  2. Iceland – Don’t let the cold fool you. There is so much to see in Iceland, such as the beautiful waterfalls, glacial lagoons, and aurora borealis. There is also prime whale and puffin watching along with camping and hiking.
  3. Poland – Warsaw is experiencing a cultural explosion focusing on the arts. The beautiful countryside and national parks are wonderful for hiking and the cuisine is delicious.
  4. Azores, Portugal – These islands have UNESCO-protected landscapes, geothermal hot springs, and bountiful vineyards. Explore volcanic crater lakes, cliffs and fishing villages. Popular activities include whale watching, swimming, diving, and surfing. Now you can fly non-stop to the Azores (Sao Miguel) from New York’s JFK.
  5. Adirondacks, New York – Upstate New York takes a backseat to New York City. And it shouldn’t. What used to be the campground for the wealthy in the 19th century is now a gorgeous playground for all with over 40 peaks to climb. No matter the season, there is always an activity, from ice skating to boating. The Hotel Saranac has recently gone through an extensive renovation and is worth checking out. I think the Adirondack Museum is excellent and worth a tour.
  6. Andaman Islands – Tucked between India and Thailand in the Bay of Bengal, this collection of 300 islands offers unspoiled beaches and tropical forests. This hidden gem offers luxury with the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa on Havelock Island — their first five-star resort.

These locations offer travelers an opportunity to experience a new culture or explore a place that would not have been given a second thought. Each one offers a look into its natural habitat as well as its customs. This year, be adventurous by visiting one of these places or others that are under the radar.