In a perfect world, travel would always be a fun way to explore new surroundings and try out exciting activities. However, the sad reality is that exposure to new climates and large crowds of people can put the immune system at risk. It can be very tricky and uncomfortable to recover from an illness when in an unfamiliar environment, but these tips can help travelers handle any illnesses as quickly as possible.

Take It Easy

The last thing travelers should do when ill is to try to ignore being sick and continue with their regular holiday plans. One of the most common reasons that vacation illnesses get so bad is because people become overly exhausted. The body needs plenty of rest while it is fighting off illnesses, so travelers should try to relax i and drink plenty of water. Attempting to zip line through a jungle or ski down a mountain while sick will just make the situation worse.

Find Basic Medications and Foods

If possible, travelers should make sure they bring some basic painkillers, antibiotics, and antidiarrheal medications with them. Those who did not bring them should try to find them in a store, and they should also stock up on foods like pasta, bread, and rice. Having the right supplies on hand makes it easier to rest while ill.

Find a Reliable Healthcare Provider

If your illness is anything worse than a basic cold, you probably need to consider seeing a doctor. Different countries have different standards for their doctors so it can be tough to navigate this. Travelers can look at the International Association for Medical Assistance databases to find English speaking doctors or check with the American Board of Medical Specialists to find a directory of certified foreign doctors.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to the Consulate

An essential resource for seriously ill travelers is their nation’s consular offices. These exist to help citizens while abroad, and they can guide travelers in dealing with things like transferring funds or navigating other healthcare systems. In cases where travelers are incapacitated, the consulate can get in touch with their family and help them make critical medical decisions.

Be prepared with insurance

Before you go abroad, verify that your insurance will cover you overseas. Most importantly, verify that it will cover medical evacuation. If it doesn’t, you could be stuck with an enormous bill coming home. Separate medical evacuation insurance is very affordable. I have coverage for my boys and me when we travel.